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Training on the Use of Clock-in System Held

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As part of initiatives to encourage punctuality and further enhance productivity among Ghanaian workers, a nation-wide training session, on the use of a new “clock-in” system, is underway for workers of Metropolitan, Municipal and district assemblies throughout the country. The departmental and unit heads in the Nkwanta South Municipal Assembly had their share of the training on Friday, April 12, 2023, at the Assembly premise.

The training was led by an IT consultant Mr. Arnold Adjei and supported by Mr. George Quansah, Chief Engineer, from Proph.xp Enterprise- the company responsible for the implementation of the system.  Present at the training were Mr. Joseph A. Abugre, Municipal Coordinating Director, Mr. Jonathan Nanevi, Municipal Finance Officer, Vicentia Vemegah, Human Resource Manager, departmental and unit heads of the Assembly. This marks the beginning of training sessions to be conducted for the seven administrators of the system and the entire staff at a later date.

The purpose of the training was to introduce the new clock-in device, explain its features, and guide participants on its usage. The device is a state-of-the-art system that uses biometric identification to record the attendance of employees.

During the session, Mr. Arnold explained that the new system would improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance accountability and productivity. He also highlighted that the system would provide real-time data on employee attendance, making it easier to monitor and manage employee time.

The attendees were provided with a detailed user manual and a step-by-step guide on how to use the new clock-in system. Mr. Arnold also emphasized the importance of accurately clocking in and out and the consequences of not following the correct procedures.

Overall, the training session was well-received by the employees, who appreciated the effort being made to improve productivity. The employees were enthusiastic about the benefits of the system. There was a general feeling that the new clock-in device would improve efficiency and transparency.

In conclusion, the training session on the new clock-in system was a success. My Arnold and his team did an excellent job of introducing the new system, explaining its benefits, and providing guidance on its use. The new clock-in system is expected to be a valuable addition to the Municipal assembly, and it will undoubtedly improve the efficiency and accountability of the organization.

Compiled by Emmanuel Sappor & Daniel M. Ahiatrogah (MIS Team)