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Telecommunication, Trade and Commerce


The presence of Vodafone, TiGO and MTN telecommunication networks promotes economic activities within the district. The district can also boast of an FM station (Beyond FM 90.7) located at the district capital, Nkwanta. The FM station undertakes activities such as sensitization, education, and promotion of economic activities through advertisement to transform the lives of people within its catchments areas of operation.

The district has five (5) major marketing centers that attract sellers and buyers from all parts of Ghana and the Republic of Togo. These are located in Nkwanta, Breweniase, Kue, Bonakye, Kabiti, Keri, Tutukpene and Ofosu and held mostly on weekly basis. Trading activities in the district, particularly in the periodic markets constitute one of the major sources of revenue to the Assembly. The investment and improvement of market infrastructure prominently has the potential of boosting the district’s revenue generation. Currently, economic activities in the district are supported by three financial Institutions namely: Ghana Commercial Bank Ltd, Agricultural Development Bank, and North Volta Rural Bank Ltd.

Cocoa production is a major activity especially in Kecheibi and its surrounding areas. Cashew development is also picking up. Potential exists for large-scale cultivation of these cash crops – cocoa and cashew. There is also the potential for cassava chips production and gari processing for export. Honey production is gaining currency in the district for export.