The Assembly provides education to the entire district through the District Education Directorate whilst the District Coordinating Directorate provides the infrastructural needs of public schools in the district. There are 69 pre-schools of which 61 are public and 8 privately owned; 87 primary schools consisting of 80 public and 7 private and 37 Junior High Schools - 36 public and one private. There are three Senior High Schools located at Nkwanta and Brewaniase.

The district has a challenge with trained teacher retention. Nearly, half of all the teachers in the district are untrained whilst a number of schools have woefully inadequate teaching staff. These have serious implications for teaching and learning. The Assembly will continue to sponsor teacher trainees so they can come back and serve in the district.

Educational facilities such as libraries, furniture, and textbooks are inadequate even though there has been lots of improvement in the last three years. There are still schools under sheds. The Assembly is working hard to replace all schools under sheds by 2019.

Nearly 41 percent of the population has never attended school. Over 80 percent of all those with some education in the district did not go beyond Basic Education. The situation is more pronounced on the female side as the figures keep dropping drastically. (Source: 2010 PHC). Serious and concerted efforts are needed to curb illiteracy at all levels especially amongst female. The Non-Formal Education Division and other NGOs are being encouraged to take up the challenge of bringing down these unacceptably high figures.

There are no vocational or technical institutes in the district for skill training for the youth. There are, however, a number of mechanic shops, carpentry workshops, dressmaking, and hairdressing saloons where the youth acquire skills through apprenticeship. To support the youth acquire skills for gainful employment, the Assembly in collaboration with the Rural Enterprises Project and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) will explore the possibility of establishing community based capacity building schemes to train young people who drop out of school or are unable to attend school. The Assembly is also working with NGOs to develop sports in the district.