Nneka at Nkwanta South Municipality

Mama Nneka engaging the pupils

Creating a world that is truly fit for #children does not only imply the absence of war, it implies the presence of opportunities for them to believe in themselves and be confident about their future. It also means letting them know the rights they are entitled to and having their #parents take responsibilities as well. This, we seek to ensure through our Speed mentoring/Review program.

We had a very fruitful month as our series of Speed Mentoring/Review programs in various communities were crowned with two sessions held at Nkwanta South Municipality in the Volta Region of Ghana. Over 700 children and 82 parents and teachers from 8 schools were reached.

We were very happy to have made it to Nyambong, where the highest cases of teenage pregnancy in that Municipality was constantly recorded and this substantiates the number of teen mothers from this village whom we trained in our vocational Entrepreneurial Pathway.

Wherever we went, we made sure we had approval from the Assembly and #Education Directorate and Nkwanta South Municipality was no exception.
We are still on the journey to transforming #Africa, one child at a time. 

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