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Oti Regional Minister Graces 10th Anniversary Celebration of Kyabobo Girls.

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Oti Regional Minister, Honourable Daniel Machator, graced the 10th anniversary celebration of Kyabobo Girls school in the Oti region. The celebration was under the theme, “Ten Years of Educating the Girl Child to shine, Successes, Challenges and the Future”.

Kyabobo Girls School first opened in 2013 with the Junior High School with a student population of 90 students. In 2016, the Senior High school was added as a day school and the first cohort of girls wrote WASSCE in 2018/2019 academic year. The current population of the school is 432 students and a staff population of 55.

As part of the one-week celebration, Wednesday, May 29, 2024 was set aside as “Sport and Cultural day”. The students and their teachers, dressed in their African wear, showcased a rich tapestry of cultural drumming and dances reflecting the diverse cultural heritage of the people of Nkwanta South Municipality.

Prior to the cultural event, the team A and B of the school’s handball team put up a spirited handball game to the admiration of the entire school and the dignitaries present.

Dignitaries presents at the event were the Municipal Chief Executive of Nkwanta South, Hon. Felix Owusu-Gyimah, founder of the school, Madam Gill Norris who is currently the Ghana Education Project (GEP) project and officials from the Municipal Education Directorate and the Nkwanta South Municipal Assembly.

The Ghana Education Project provides both students and teachers with teaching and learning resources as well as logistics. The Junior High School students pay no fees and are provided with stationery and textbooks by GEP.

In his speech, the regional minister shared his life story with the girls to inspire them with his journey to success. The minister admonished the students to be hardworking and determined to be successful. Hon. Daniel Machator encouraged the girls to pursue their dreams, highlighting that they too can achieve great things, even though they come from rural areas.

After the speech, Hon. Daniel Machator, donated an amount of money in support of the school’s anniversary project.

Two of the students delivered a heartfelt poetry recitations that captivated the audience. Their performances showcased not only their eloquence and emotional depth but also the rich literary culture of the school. The profound poetry performance highlights the students’ artistic talents and appreciation for poetry.

The Kyabobo school choir was not left out. The choir delivered a powerful message through their soul-uplifting song on the anniversary theme – Ten Years of Educating The Girl Child to Shine. The choir’s inspiring rendition embodies the virtues that contribute to the promotion of girl child education.

The program came to an end with the expectation of more exciting performances from the Kyabobo girls during the anniversary durbar scheduled to be held on Friday, May 31, 2024.

Compiled by the MIS Team: Emmanuel Sappor & Daniel Ahiatrogah


NSMA Road Safety Committee Inaugurated

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Hon. Felix Owusu-Gyimah, Municipal Chief Executive of Nkwanta South, (MCE), on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, inaugurated the Nkwanta South Municipal Assembly Road Safety Committee in compliance with the directive from Ministry of Local Government, Decentralization and Rural Development.

All MMDAS were sensitized by the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) on section 12 (5) and 29 of the National Road Safety Act, 2019 (Act 996 ) and Regulation 63 of the National Road Safety Regulations 2022 (L1 2468) during the orientation for DPAT VII.

The Act 996 AND LI 2463 provides that: Regional offices of the Authority are required to collaborate with Road Safety units of MMDAS to form District Road Safety committees (DRSCS). The Authority shall collaborate with District Assemblies and relevant bodies to develop guidelines for issuing commercial roads transport operating permit and enforce regulations.

Membership of the DRSC shall comprise, but not limited to the following: District Assembly Coordinating Director (Chair), National Road Safety Authority, Local Transport Union Representative, Representative from the Local Traditional Bodies, representative from the Police, representative from local media, representative from the road agencies, representative from Local Health Services, an Assembly member, Head, Department of Transport as Focal Person & Secretary ( or Planning officer where no Transport Head exist).

The committee is expected to start work immediately.

Compiled by MIS Team: Emmanuel Sappor & Daniel Ahiatrogah


99 youth in Nkwanta South receive start-up kits through SOCO project

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A major challenge often faced by ambitious youth who venture into skills training is how to acquire start-up equipment to begin their various trade upon completion.
As part of it step to address this challenge confronting the youth, the Nkwanta South Municipal Assembly in the Oti Region, on Thursday, May 16, 2024, at the Assembly hall, presented startup kits to over 99 young men and women after they have completed skills training in the area.

The initiative aims to create sustainable employment opportunities for the youth as part of the World Bank’s component of the Gulf of Guinea Northern Regions Social Cohesion (SOCO) project.
The beneficiaries include welders, honey producers, soap and pomade makers, dressmakers and hairdressers.
At the ceremony to present the equipment to the beneficiaries, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the area, Felix Owusu-Gyimah, said the support was in line with the government’s commitment to support the youth to obtain employable skills.
According to him, the support would help reduce the high youth unemployment in the area.
He explained that, the government recognised the capacity and ability of local economic development in transforming the local potential in the area, hence the support to the beneficiary artisans to either start their own businesses or boost their already established businesses.

Speaking at the program, the MCE urged the beneficiaries to make good use of the items received to achieve the purposes for which they had been presented and desist from allowing the equipment to lie idle in their homes.
He said that with the provision of the equipment, they did not have any excuse to remain idle but rather set up their own small-scale businesses to earn income to better their standard of living.
Also at the program, Nkwanta South NPP parliamentary candidate, Hajia Sherifa Sekyere. She said the presentation of the equipment to the beneficiary artisans was a proof of the government’s resolve to support the youth to establish their own firms to improve their lives.

She added that, since the assumption of office of President Akufo-Addo, a number of initiatives and interventions had been rolled out to equip the youth to engage in income generating activities.
The parliamentary candidate entreated the beneficiaries to effectively and efficiently utilize the items received to contribute to the progress of the informal sector in the municipality and to transform your lives as well.
The beneficiaries expressed gratitude to the Municipal Assembly for coming to their aid. They promised to put the items received to good use to achieve the intended purposes.

Compiled by MIS Team: Emmanuel Sappor & Daniel Ahiatrogah


Assembly Officers Present Winning Cup to MCE in Display of Unity

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In a heartwarming ceremony that showcased the spirit of teamwork and collaboration, assembly officers proudly presented a prestigious cup to the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Nkwanta South Assembly. The cup, earned through dedication and skill on the field, symbolized more than just a victory—it represented unity and solidarity among the municipality’s leadership.

The Nkwanta South Municipal football team won the May Day gala organized by the Municipal Education Directorate. Teams from Health Directorate, Beyond FM, Education Directorate, Security and Second Cycle Schools teachers participated in the football gala.

Mr. Albert Osei, Captain of the team presenting the trophy to the MCE – Hon. Felix Owusu-Gyimah

The presentation took place at the MCE’s office amidst cheers and applause from fellow colleagues. As the assembly officers stood shoulder to shoulder, they expressed gratitude to the MCE for his unwavering support and leadership, which contributed to their success.
In his acceptance speech, the MCE commended the assembly officers for their outstanding achievement and emphasized the importance of teamwork in driving progress and development within the municipality. He highlighted the significance of collaboration among all stakeholders in realizing shared goals and aspirations.

Hon. Felix Owusu-Gyimah: MCE, interacting with the team.

The exchange of the cup was not merely a ceremonial gesture but a testament to the strong bonds forged among the municipality’s leadership. It served as a reminder that when individuals come together with a common purpose, they can overcome challenges and achieve remarkable feats.
As the cup found its place in the MCE’s office, it became a symbol of pride and unity for the entire municipality. It served as a constant reminder of what can be accomplished when leaders work hand in hand for the betterment of their community.
In the end, the presentation of the winning cup was more than just a formal ceremony—it was a celebration of teamwork, leadership, and the enduring spirit of unity that defines The Assembly.

Compiled by MIS Team: Emmanuel Sappor & Daniel M. Ahiatrogah



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The Municipal Chief Executive of Nkwanta South (MCE), Hon. Felix Owusu-Gyimah, who doubles as the chairman of the Municipal Security Council, accompanied by members of the council, representatives from the Information Service Department, and the National Youth Authority went to Shiare, a suburb of Nkwanta, to officially introduce himself to the traditional councils, chiefs, and opinion leaders in the municipality as the new representative of the President of the Republic – His Excellency, Nana Addo Dankwa Adufo-Addo.

The visits was an important step in establishing strong relationship and open communication between the office of the MCE and the local community leaders.
In his address to the people, Hon. Felix Owusu-Gyimah emphasized how the recent disturbances have negatively impacted all aspects of life in the area and the need to work together to foster a harmonious and inclusive environment for all residents.

According to the MCE, by engaging directly with the traditional authorities and opinion leaders, I was able to strengthen the partnership between the government and the local community. “This will be essential in ensuring the successful implementation of development projects and the maintenance of peace and stability in the municipality.
I am confident that these initial meetings have laid a strong foundation for continued collaboration and progress in the region”, Hon. Gyimah added.

The Municipal Planning Officer, Mr. Ibrahim Abass, used the meeting to highlight some of the projects being undertaken by the Municipal Assembly. Particular emphasis was placed on the World Bank-funded Gulf of Guinea Northern Regions Social Cohesion (SOCO) project, of which the Nkwanta South Municipal Assembly is one of the four beneficiary assemblies in the Oti Region. The initiative aims to promote social cohesion and improve the living conditions of beneficiary districts and municipalities.

Compiled by MIS Team: Emmanuel Sappor & Daniel Ahiatrogah



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Nkwanta South Municipal Chief Executive: Honorable Felix Owusu-Gyimah

Hon. Felix Owusu-Gyimah, Nkwanta South Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), in his first sessional address to honorable Assembly members at the First Ordinary General Meeting of the first session of the 9th Assembly of Nkwanta South Municipal Assembly, called on members to work tirelessly in restoring Nkwanta to its former glory by reuniting the people to a common destiny and a peaceful coexistence. The meeting took place on Thursday, May 02, 2024 at the Assembly hall.

The MCE appealed to all feuding parties to lay down their arms, come to the drawing board and give peace a chance. He said, “It is important to remind ourselves that Development will elude us forever, our Living standards will deteriorate, our children impoverished and make us economically dependent on other Districts for our very survival if we fail to unite as one people with a common destiny.”

 “The future of the generation after us will be bleak, jeopardizing the human capital necessary for our social, economic and cultural development if we choose to settle our scores through the shedding of precious blood, destruction of property and businesses all in the name of pursuing an unreasonable personal interest.” Honorable Felix Owusu-Gyimah stressed.

A cross-section of Honorable Assembly Members

Hon. Owusu-Gyimah also briefed the house on the general administration of the Nkwanta South Municipal Assembly. The sessional address focused on Human Resources, Budget and Finances, Road infrastructure, Water and Sanitation, Health, Agriculture, the Local Economy and Education.

Hon. Assembly members expressed their appreciation to the MCE for the detailed sessional address that was presented. The house deliberated on the sessional address after which issues regarding the ex-gratia of the 8th Assembly and Executive Committee report (EXECO) were discussed.

The Municipal Director of Education, Mr. Jonathan Korsinah, was invited to brief members of the Assembly on the status of pre-tertiary schools in the municipality since the start of the conflict. According to Mr Korsinah, over eight hundred school pupils have left the Nkwanta Township due to the conflict. The Director informed the house that attempts to reach these pupils via their parents have proved futile. He appealed to the Assembly members to assist the Education Directorate in helping bring these pupils back to the classroom.

The Municipal Director of Education: Mr. Jonathan Korsinah

After the sessional address by the MCE, and the report of the Municipal Director of Education, the presiding member led the house to constitute a welfare committee for members.

Report by Emmanuel Sappor and Daniel Ahiatrogah


NSMA takes home the 2024 May Day Football Gala trophy

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In a spirited display of unity and athleticism, residents of the Nkwanta witnessed a remarkable soccer gala that showcased the talents and camaraderie among workers from six institutions within Nkwanta Township. The event, held at Nkwanta Senior High School park was part of this year’s May Day celebration.

The gala, organized by the Nkwanta Municipal Education Directorate, attracted teams representing various cooperate institutions, including workers from Nkwanta South Municipal Assembly, Health Directorate, Beyond FM, Education Directorate, Security and Second Cycle Schools teachers. Each team brought its unique blend of skills, passion, and team spirit to the field, creating an electrifying atmosphere that captivated spectators and participants alike.

From the opening kick-off to the final whistle, the matches were filled with thrilling moments, dazzling displays of skill, and passionate cheers from supporters. Despite the competitive nature of the games, the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie prevailed throughout the event, emphasizing the power of sport to bring people together.

As the sun set on the vibrant pitches, it became evident that the true winners of the gala is the team from Nkwanta South Municipal Assembly. They defeated the team from Education Directorate on penalty shootout. Beyond the scores and statistics, the event served as a platform for fostering connections, building relationships, and strengthening the bonds among workers in Nkwanta.

The success of the soccer gala underscores the importance of community engagement and collaboration in nurturing a thriving and inclusive society. .
As the echoes of cheers and applause fade away, the legacy of the soccer gala lives on, serving as a testament to the resilience, spirit, and unity of the people.

Compiled by MIS Team: Emmanuel Sappor & Daniel Ahiatrogah