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Entrepreneurship Training

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The Business Advisory Center (BAC) of the Nkwanta South Municipal Assembly, from April 2023 to August 2023, organized an entrepreneurship training program for 75 senior high school (SHS) graduates, in the Nkwanta South Municipality, to equip them with relevant skills necessary to navigate the complexities of business ownership and also gain confidence and competence to pursue their business ideas effectively and efficiently.

The training programs cover various aspects of entrepreneurship, including business planning, financial management, marketing strategies, and leadership skills.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Municipal Chief Executive, Honourable Bright Kwame Lenwah, the Municipal Coordinating Director, Joseph Abugre, the Head of the Business Advisory Center, Nana Adwoa Mireku, the facilitator, Prince Daal and staff of the Assembly.

The MCE, Hon. Bright Lenwah, congratulated participants for making it to the final stage of the selection process. He also encouraged them to make the best use of the opportunity that is before them and equip themself with the skills and funding they are about to receive after the training. “Given this opportunity, I expect your businesses to receive a facelift when you apply the skills you are about to acquire and consequently grow your market base”, the MCE added.

Hon. Lenwah also challenged the participants to think creatively, identify market gaps, and develop unique solutions to address them. He added that having an entrepreneurial mindset not only benefits individuals but also contributes to economic growth by stimulating innovation and job creation.

Mr. Prince Daal, one of the training facilitators, in his speech, spoke about the importance of empowering Graduates with Start-Up Grants. He said, “Access to capital is often a significant barrier for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially for recent graduates with limited financial resources. Start-up grants provide vital seed funding to turn entrepreneurial dreams into reality.” He went on to say”These grants can cover initial expenses such as product development, marketing efforts, and operational costs, enabling graduates to kickstart their ventures without debt burden.”

Mr Prince Daal added that start-up grants alleviate the financial risk associated with entrepreneurship. It will encourage more SHS graduates to leap into business ownership. By providing a financial safety net, grants empower graduates to confidently pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations, knowing they have the support needed to overcome initial challenges.

Nana Adwoa Mireku, Head of the Business Advisory Center spoke on the theme, “Creating Sustainable Support Ecosystems”. She said, “To maximize the impact of entrepreneurship training and start-up grants, it is essential to create sustainable support ecosystems which includes establishing mentorship programs where experienced entrepreneurs can provide guidance and advice to aspiring graduates”. She added that mentorship does not only offers valuable insights but also helps graduates navigate the complexities of business ownership more effectively.

Furthermore, fostering connections with industry experts, investors, and government agencies can provide graduates with additional resources and opportunities for growth. Collaboration between educational institutions, government bodies, and private sector stakeholders is crucial in building robust support networks that nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Story by MIS Team – Emmanuel Sappor and Daniel M. Ahiatrogah