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A Glimpse into the 8th General Assembly Meeting of the Nkwanta South Municipal Assembly

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In the heart of the Oti Region of Ghana, the 4th session of the 8th General Assembly Meeting of the Nkwanta South Municipal Assembly recently took place, bringing together local leaders, stakeholders, and community members to discuss critical issues and chart a course for the future. This assembly meeting serves as a testament to the commitment of this municipality to transparent governance and community development. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the highlights of this important event and its significance for the people of Nkwanta South.

The Nkwanta South Municipal Assembly is a local government body responsible for the administration and development of the Nkwanta South Municipality, which encompasses several communities and villages. The primary objectives of the 8th General Assembly Meeting were to review the progress made in various sectors, discuss challenges faced by the municipality, and collectively strategize for sustainable development.

The first major discussion at the meeting was on the Executive Committee report presented by the Municipal Chief Executive Officer, Honorable Bright Lenwah. Honourable Assembly members expressed reservations about the presentation since the MCE did not present details of the EXECO meeting to the house. The MCE, explained, that no major takeover of the meeting needs consideration and approval by honourable members. This position of the MCE did not go down well with some of the members. However, after an intense debate, the house agreed with the position of the MCE and the report was subsequently adopted.

A significant portion of the assembly meeting was dedicated to discussing issues affecting the municipality. Honourable members had the opportunity to voice their concerns and suggestions, fostering a sense of ownership and participation in the decision-making process.

There was a brief presentation on Nkwanta South Zoomlion operations to the house by Mr. Mathew A. Boateng from Zoomlion. He reminded the house that Zoomlion signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Assembly in 2006 then Nkwanta District Assembly with 25 project staff of which 20 project staff then known as sweepers were doing sweeping on the principal streets, public places and in the various communities. The rest 5 were doing beautification. He continued with detailed information about Zoomlion at the time of signing the MOU.

Currently, Zoomlion Nkwanta South can boast of 135 project staff of which 90 are in Nkwanta township and the rest 45 spread in the various communities. Mr. Boateng also informed the house that Zoomlion has a contract with the Ministry of Health to employ twenty-four spray operatives who do the spraying, fumigation, and disinfestation within the municipality. Zoomlion – Nkwanta South, have 20 sanitation guards who also work directly with the Environmental Health Department. Mr. Boateng also spoke about the provision of domestic services, the current enrolment and other activities of Zoomlion – Nkwanta South.

After the presentation by Mr Matthew A. Boateng, honourable members acknowledged the importance of the role of Zoomlion in the municipality. They continued to discuss measures to address environmental challenges with a focus on waste management.

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Emmanuel Sappor and Daniel Ahiatrogah (MIS Team)