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Efficient time management is a cornerstone of successful operations for regional coordinating councils. To ensure accurate attendance tracking and optimize workflow, many councils are adopting clock-in systems. However, the departmental and unit heads from the various MMDA’s throughout the region (Oti Region) had their share of the training on Wednesday, May 17, 2023, at the premises of the Oti Regional Coordinating Council in Dambai.

The training was led by an IT consultant Mr. Arnold Adjei and his team from Proph.xp Enterprise – the company responsible for the implementation of the system. Present at the training were the hosts from the ORCC, including the Coordinating Director, Municipal Finance Officer, Human Resource Manager and the various departmental and unit heads. As far as the project is concerned, the seven administrators from the various MMDA’s in Oti were to be present.

The purpose of the training was to introduce the new clock-in device, explain its features, and guide participants on its usage. The device is a state-of-the-art system that uses biometric identification to record the attendance of employees.

During the session, Mr. Arnold explained that the new system would improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance accountability and productivity. He also highlighted that the system would provide real-time data on employee attendance, making it easier to monitor and manage employee time.

He went further to explain practical scenarios that participants might encounter while using the clock-in system. This can include scenarios like late clock-ins, missed clock-outs, or system errors. Walk participants through the appropriate steps to address these situations, fostering problem-solving skills. Moreover, Arnold and his team encouraged participants to continue exploring the system’s features and functionalities beyond the training sessions. Share resources, such as user manuals or online tutorials, to facilitate independent learning.

Arnold and his team gave participants the opportunity to ask questions, make suggestions and share ideas about the clock-in system.

In conclusion, the use of clock-in systems for regional coordinating councils and MMDA’s in the region is essential for the timely implementation of developmental projects. By providing comprehensive training materials, interactive sessions, and addressing concerns, councils can ensure a smooth transition to the new system. Ultimately, an efficiently managed clock-in system contributes to the overall effectiveness of the council’s operations. The training session on the new clock-in system was a success.

My Arnold and his team did an excellent job of introducing the new system, explaining its benefits, and providing guidance on its use. The new clock-in system is expected to be a valuable addition to the various MMDA’s in Oti region.

compiled by MIS Team – Emmanuel Sappor & Daniel Ahiatrogah