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General Assembly Meeting of the 7th Session held

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The 7th session of the Nkwanta South Municipal Assembly had their first seating on in the year 2023 on Tuesday, March 28, 2023, where issues relating to the development of the assembly were discussed.

Present at the meeting were the Hon. Bright Lenwah, Municipal Chief Executive, Mr. Joseph A. Abugri, Coordinating Director, Hon. Edward Y. Yilengne, Presiding Member, Honourable Assembly members in the municipality, and a section of the staff of the assembly.

Hon. Succeed commenting on an issue on the floor.

The minutes of the previous meeting was read, discussed and then accepted as the true document of the house. The MCE, presented the 2022 report of the program and activities that took place in the municipality to honorable members. The report covered areas regarding, administration, revenue and expenditure, education, government policy on school feeding, environment and health, electrification, road, and leap.

The Hon MCE, assured members that his administration is doing every possible to protect the peace currently been enjoyed in the municipality. He also informed the house that over 98% of the projected revenue for 2022 was realized. Regarding the school feeding program, Hon. Lenwah, told members that 48 schools are currently benefiting from the program. On environment and health, 40 communities in the municipality have been declared as open defecation free communities and steps are assiduously underway to increase the number this year.

The MCE continued to inform members that 600 street bulbs were successfully installed in selected areas in the municipality as part of the electrification program in the municipality. Honorable members were also informed that iron ore has been found in the municipality and prospecting for the mineral has started.

Left, Mr. Joseph A. Abugre, NSMA Coordinating Director, Mr. Edward Y. Yilengne, Presiding Member (Middle)
and Hon. Bright K. Lenwah, Municipal Chief Executive (right)

Honorable assembly members were given opportunity to ask questions after the presentation of the report. The asked questions regarding the deplorable condition of majority of the roads in the municipality and steps being taken to address them. They also requested for further clarification regarding the peace and security, revenue collection and then exploration of the said mineral that has been found in the municipality. The MCE, together with the Coordination Director took turns to answer all questions posed by the honorable assembly members.

Hon. Awal Zakari asking a question on the floor of the house.

After all said and done, the MCE presented the Executive Community meeting report to the house which was adopted for implementation pending mid-year budget review after several argument on the floor of the house were head. The Presiding member, Hon. Edward Y. Yilengne, put the adoption of the report to vote. 21 members voted for the adoption while 10 voted against it. There were some honorable members who absented themselves from the vote. The report was then declared by the presiding members as adopted according to the standing orders of the house.

Mr. Francis S. Kwampah, Nkwanta South Municipal Budget Analyst responding to a question.

The newly posted Regional Director in charge of Agriculture, Mr. Nyarko, was introduced to the honorable members by the coordinating director. The Regional lands Commission head, Mr. Yaw Acheampong Amoah, was also in the house to brief members on issues relating to lands. In the same vein the director of the National Identification Authority (NIA), was present to brief members about their operations. He revealed that 2758 cards have been printing so far, among which 1692 have still not been collected by the applicants. He therefore, appealed to the honorable assembly members to help his outfit resolve the challenge.

The meeting ended with the closing remark from the presiding member, after which a members led the house in the closing prayer.

story by: Emmanuel Sappor & Daniel Ahiatrogah (MIS NSMA)


Health Sector Performance Review of Nkwanta South Municipality

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The health sector of the Nkwanta Municipal has been undergoing significant reforms in recent years, with the aim of improving health outcomes and access to quality healthcare services for all citizens in the municipality. As part of these efforts, regular performance reviews are conducted to assess the effectiveness of the various health interventions and programs.

One such review was recently held on Friday, March 3, 2023 at the Gateway Hotel, which revealed both strengths and areas of improvement in the health sector of the municipality.

A cross-section of participants at the annual Health Sector Performance review meeting with stakeholders.

Among the dignitaries present were the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Bright K. Lenwah, Municipal Coordinating Director, Mr. Joseph Atogyine Abugre, Municipal Environmental Health Officer, Madam Cynthia Sekyere, who was the chairperson of the program, muslim Council Chairman of Nkwanta, Mallam Yaya, paramount Chief of Ntrobu traditional area in the person of Nana Tetebu, Head of Ambulance Service, Mr. Derrick kranteng among other dignitaries.

The review covered a range of various activities undertaken in the year 2022 which includes facilitation of routine vaccination, organization of vaccination session in hospitals, organization of quarterly mops, ensuring availability of routine vaccines, investigation of priority diseases, use of ODK collect for surveillance, installation of a cold-chain equipment, conducted mass Covid-19 vaccination, conducted national immunization, monthly data validation at sub municipal hospitals, investigated suspected scabies cases among others.

A staff from the Health Sector presenting the annual Health Performance report to stakeholders.

The reviews reveals the following achievements in the year 2022.  The sector was able to increase ANC 4th visits from 60.8% to 75%, increase IPT3 coverage from 37.1% to 45%, increase family planning acceptor rate from 34.4% to 45%, reduced still birthrate to 12/1000 and also reduced maternal mortality ration to 27/100,000.

The MCE, in his address, commended the health directorate and all health workers in the municipality for a great job done. He continued to encourage the directorate to do more in the New Year. The MCE highlighted some challenges facing the effective delivery of health services that needs attention.

The municipal assembly donated a sum of one thousand cedis to the health directorate. The presentation was done by the Municipal Environmental Health director who doubled as the chairperson of the event.

Madam Cynthia Sekyere presenting a cash donation of ¢1000.00 to a representative of the Health Sector. Looking on is the Municipal Coordinating Director, Mr. Joseph Atogyine Abugre

Overall, the health sector performance review of the municipality provided valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the health system, and highlighted areas where targeted interventions can help improve access to quality healthcare services for all residents. By implementing the recommended interventions, the municipality can work towards achieving the goal of universal health coverage and improving health outcomes for all.  

created by MIS Team – NSMA (Emmanuel Sappor & Daniel Ahiatrogah)